About Us

“All that mankind has done, thought, gained, or been; it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books.”
Thomas Carlyle

The mission of READING KARMA is to promote reading literacy for children. We intend to create and produce a collection of multicultural children literature where the Hmong culture, history, and language are preserved and sustained for future generations. It is our hope that READING KARMA books will entertain, amuse, and inspire children, parents, educators, and families from all cultural backgrounds to honor diversity and celebrate life through reading literacy. At READING KARMA, we believe that reading is not just a skill but a way of life. For those who read the most, they will read the best. Help us spread READING KARMA to achieve the KARMA of SUCCESS for all children!  

Be a champion of reading literacy for children and give the gift of READING! Buy a book for your young scholars today!


Contact us at: readingkarma@gmail.com